Feb 192014
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Breaking NewsBreaking NewsWhen a live TV news crew broadcasts an embarrassing defeat of Hong Kong’s police dept. by just five bank robbers, public opinion of the force plummets and the dept. vows to capture the robbers at any cost. So when Detective Cheung accidentally stumbles upon the five bank robbers hiding out in an abandoned building, Yuen (Richie Jen), the ultra-cool leader of the gang, suddenly finds himself and his partners under siege by thousands of police officers. Sensing an opportunity to restore the public’s faith in the police dept., Inspector Rebecca (Kelly Chen) turns the stakeout into a breaking news show, with live updates beamed out to a transfixed Hong Kong. But she soon discovers how difficult it can be to manage the press when hostages are involved, true identities are unknown, and the building contains not one gang but two…
15 Real Life Angel Stories in the News: Global Evidence of Angelic Assistance (Book) (Help Me Angels)15 Real Life Angel Stories in the News: Global Evidence of Angelic Assistance (Book) (Help Me Angels)15 Real Life Angel Stories in the News: Global Evidence of Angelic Assistance (ebook)

Since the beginning of recorded history, it seems that angels have been among us. It's easy, even tempting to simply write it all off as superstition, fairy tales, religious fervor and the always active imagination of fallible human beings.

However, there is no denying that encounters, sightings and unexpected appearances of winged beings stubbornly refuse to go away - from the ancient past, right up to our present day.

Whilst angel stories which circulate provide a sense of comfort and inspiration, there is always a part of us which requires more evidence, more proof...our brain is simply wired this way.

As many are aware, the study of angels reached a level of great interest through the Dark Ages and the later period of Enlightenment and Renaissance. But now we're going to fast-forward in these pages to look at stories of angels and angel encounters in more modern times and in many instances reported in the world's press, thus providing much of the social proof which we may seek.

These 15 Angel Stories have been researched and reported in the following publications:

1. The National Tribune - George Washington's Angel
2. The St. Louis Post Dispatch - The Butterfly Angels
3. The Indianapolis Star - The Wingless Angel of Boltaña
4. Rosebush Minnesota Weekly - A Wandering Vagabond
5. The London Evening News - The Angels of Mons
6. Middlesboro Daily News - Angel Sightings Underground
7. The British Medical Journal - Angel Voices
8. Boston Globe & Washington Post - Angels in Space
9. The Nonpareil & The Gateway - The Black Angel
10. The Iowa City Press Citizen - The Second Black Angel of Iowa
11. The South London Times - The Thames Angel
12. A reporter for the CBS network - Angels at The Baseball Match
13. Daily Mail (UK) & Others - Roadside Angels
14. The Post and Courier of Charleston, South Carolina - Korean War Angel
15. Multiple Press Reports - Carl Jung's Angel: Philemon

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