Nov 282013
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Chris Botti Feat. Michael Bublé’s song titled “Chris Botti Feat. Michael Bublé” on album “To Love Again” via Listen Now.
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To Love AgainTo Love Again

The Powerful Sequel to Return to Love.

After years of separation, Colin and Janna finally have what they've always wanted: an eternal marriage. They begin building a happy future with their son, Matthew, and soon welcome two infant daughters into their home. Life couldn't be better - until the ghosts of Janna's tortured past threaten to tear this tender family apart. In a single blinding moment of pain, her life begins a downward spiral that threatens the very foundation of their marriage. Suddenly, everything in their lives has gone terribly wrong. Can anything save them?

In this powerful novel of struggle and redemption, Anita Stansfield explores the devastating consequences of sin and abuse. Colin and Janna, battling their own personal demons, must prove to themselves - and to each other - that their love can transcend human frailty and emerge purer, more refined, and stronger than ever. Their gripping story will renew your faith in the resilience of the human spirit - and in the reality of happy endings!

To Love AgainTo Love AgainShe wasn't going to take "no" from anyone anymore, especially not her late husband's rude business partner. Determined to provide for her two children and prove she wasn't the weak woman her husband had convinced everybody she was, Laura Manning moved her family to tiny Rosewood, Texas, to take over his share in the real-estate firm.

Who was Paul Russell to tell her she couldn't do it? Having survived her husband's mental abuse, Laura knew she could do anything, no matter what the handsome Texan said. Especially since her family—and her heart—were at stake.

Hallmark Wedding WCA4302 Let there be love Gold Embossed Guest Book with matching penHallmark Wedding WCA4302 Let there be love Gold Embossed Guest Book with matching penHallmark Let There Be Love Guest Book features pearlized champagne color cover with designed endliners and dedication page with pearl bronze process and 72 pages for guest entries. Pen included. 9.25" W x 8.5" H x 2" D
To Love AgainTo Love AgainThe journey and subsequent struggle of us all are similar while being different. In the end the search for happiness, companionship, and compassion transcends all cultures, age groups and personalities. These few poems tell some of that story from a perspective of a world traveler. Many of these were written at some of the lowest points as well as some of the highest points of my life. Sharing them is cathartic I was told but I think that only matters if you’re trying to change something. I would rather keep all the experiences just the way they were.

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