Aug 282013
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Quivver’s song titled “Quivver” on album “Bedrock 12 Compiled By John Digweed” via Listen Now.
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Bedrock 12Bedrock 122010 two CD collection. To celebrate Bedrock's 12th anniversary, John Digweed has compiled 21 outstanding exclusive tracks and remixes from established and new artists to form Bedrock 12. Bedrock is synonymous with releasing the highest quality forward-thinking electronic dance music and has enjoyed a highly successful year so far and this new compilation will further cement the label's reputation around the globe. Not only does the album feature a host of established stars - Robert Babicz, Quivver, King Unique, Christian Smith, Nick Warren, Digweed & Muir - it also showcases new and upcoming talent like Maetrik, Wiretappeur, Max Cooper, Wehbba, and others.

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