May 182013
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Mary J. Blige’s song titled “Mary J. Blige” on album “What’s The 411?” via Listen Now.
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The Real LoveThe Real LoveBringing together Broadway and Hollywood, The Real Love is an original musical inspired by the extraordinary, true story of world-renowned spiritual teacher, humanitarian and artist Supreme Master Ching Hai.

In the 1970s, a lovely, young Aulacese (Vietnamese) woman named Thanh (West End actress Joanna Ampil) is working at the Munich Red Cross with her materialistic German friend Elsa (Tony winner Cady Huffman). Frequently accompanying refugees to the hospital, Thanh is deeply moved by the world's suffering. She is admired by many doctors, including the hilarious Klaus (Tony nominee Robert Torti). But it is Rolf (Tony nominee Adam Pascal), a gentle physician-and-dentist, who wins her heart. Encouraged by the artist Greta (Tony winner Daisy Eagan) to follow an inner calling, Thanh is forced to make a difficult decision - to stay blissfully wed to Rolf or make a perilous journey to the Himalayas in search of a lasting happiness for all humanity.

With lyrics based on Supreme Master Ching Hai's eloquent poems, and music by Academy and five-time Emmy Award winner Bill Conti, two-time Academy Award winner Al Kasha, Emmy Award nominee Doug Katsaros, Tony and Emmy Award winner Don Pippin and Academy and two-time Grammy Award winner David Shire, this uplifting musical renews the courage and compassion in us all.

In this volume, readers can enjoy the complete book, lyrics, sheet music and full- color photos of The Real Love - a musical commemorating one of the most fascinating journeys and greatest love stories the world may ever know.
No More DramaNo More DramaAnyone who's purchased one of Mary J. Blige's albums understands that the "queen of hip-hop soul" would much rather push artistic envelopes than lick 'em. With No More Drama, her enlisting of hip-hop's finest beat-makers to create lush musical soundscapes is nothing short of genius. On the Dr. Dre-produced "Family Affair," Blige implores the club set to "get crunk 'cause Mary's back" as she introduces some new slang to the hip-hop vernacular ("holleration"). "Steal Away" is a classic Neptunes-induced head-nodder in the "Love Is All We Need" vein, as Pharrell Williams chimes in a Curtis Mayfield-like falsetto. Those who like their R&B straight might be offended by the acoustic guitar solo by Lenny Kravitz on "PMS," or the album's title track, which samples the theme from The Young and the Restless soap opera. But listen to "Where I've Been" (a redemptive tale of Blige's not-so-rapid ascent from the 'hood, featuring guest raps from Eve) and the Missy Elliott-assisted "Never Been," and misgivings vanish. Whereas past Mary J. efforts were limited to tales of relationships gone awry, her outlook is more diverse and upbeat, while her scratchy, bluesy vocals have become more expansive, too. She raps on "Love," scats on "Beautiful Day," chats on the a cappella "Forever No More," and caps No More Drama with a string of uplifting ballads ("2 U," "In the Meantime"), neatly polishing off a release that will stand as one of the best of 2001. --Dalton Higgins
Real Love in Marriage: The Truth About Finding Genuine Happiness Now and ForeverReal Love in Marriage: The Truth About Finding Genuine Happiness Now and ForeverWhy do more than half of all marriages end in divorce? And why is there so much unhappiness in the marriages that survive? Greg Baer offers the solutions for a long-lasting marriage in his anticipated follow-up to Real Love

No matter how many wounds have been inflicted in a marriage, Greg Baer believes that they can be healed, giving both partners the sense of fulfillment and joy they?ve always wanted. With practical anecdotes and exercises throughout, Baer shows you:
* Why our spouses are not the root cause of how we feel and behave
* The truth about why we get angry with our spouses and argue with them
* How to eliminate?not just manage?anger and conflict
* How to identify what we need to change about ourselves
* How you and your partner can both get what you want out of the marriage
* How you can break the cycles of expectation and disappointment
* How to prevent divorce, and how to know when it?s the right option

There are no quick solutions to fixing a marriage. With Greg Baer as your guide, you can begin to heal the wounds of the past and cultivate the lifelong commitment to stay with your partner while learning how to unconditionally love him or her.

A Mary ChristmasA Mary ChristmasIconic Grammy Award-winning singer, songwriter, actress and philanthropist Mary J. Blige has recorded her first-ever holiday album, A Mary Christmas, for Matriarch Records/Verve Records/Interscope Records. A Mary Christmas is an extraordinary collaboration between collaboration between Blige and legendary producer and Verve Music Group Chairman, David Foster. 'Working with David Foster is a singer's dream. I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to make this soulful classic Christmas album with him. David's music has touched so many lives, I'm so proud of what we've created and I believe my fans will love it as much as I do,' says Mary J. Blige.

A Mary Christmas features Blige's soulful interpretation of classic holiday tunes including 'Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas,' and 'The Christmas Song.' Blige is joined by a number of A-list guests, starting with Barbra Streisand, who duets with Blige on 'When You Wish Upon A Star,' along with Jessie J on 'Do You Hear What I Hear;' The Clark Sisters join Blige on 'The First Noel' and 'Noche de Paz,' is a Spanish collaboration with Mark Anthony.

Other highlights on the album include 'Little Drummer Boy,' 'My Favorite Things,' 'This Christmas,' 'Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer,' and Tino Rossi's 'Petit Papa Noël.'

'There are so many things that I find inspiring about Mary, says David Foster, 'but it always comes back to the fact that she has no limits and no boundaries. She doesn't think of herself as black or white, or yellow or red, or male or female. She just thinks of herself as a singer and she's a great singer.'

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